Thank you for making life as a tubie that much easier!
I have been using the product for three weeks now and my results have been amazing! Thank you so much for selling this product!! I have had my g tube for almost two years and have had granulation tissue almost the entire time... until I found your product. My caregivers, family and friends have been equally impressed and amazed by just how wonderfully GranuLotion works and how easy it is to use. Thank you again for making life as a tubie that much easier!
Have a great day!

Tubie GT KO! :)
"I recently tried your GranuLotion for my j tube which was recently getting horrible granulated tissue. I had just had it cauterized at the surgeons office a couple weeks before and it came back. Your GranuLotion knocked it out in a day and a half!! It is incredible stuff and we are so thankful for it. Thank you for making this wonderful product that is pain free!!!" - Lisa, Chicago 
It's goin down!
"Ok...I'm sold. Here's how things went down. 24 hours....noticeable difference in pain level from granulation & less angry red tissue. 48 hours....like there was never any at all." Ann, Virginia, US

Granulation tissue fell off in 48 hours! Thanks Stephanie and Savannah

Thank you so much for this amazing product. We had great results and my daughter didn't mind it at all. First photo was before applying granulotion the second is at 24 hours and the third is at 48 when it fell off. Looks amazing. Thank you so much for this wonderful lotion. We are huge fans now and will be telling everyone. Thanks Stephanie and Savannah

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